Burn this: Ellie Goulding happy with vegan diet

Ellie Goulding is vegan, and enjoying it!

Ellie Goulding is vegan, and enjoying it!

We are happy to see British singer Ellie Goulding – of recent “Burn” fame – is enjoying her new vegan, plant-based diet and is looking as healthy as ever. It’s good news for young fans of Goulding, who look up to her and are more likely to follow her ridding of animals from her plate.

According to reports, while she is vegan, she still misses her favorite food: cheese. Hopefully, she will begin to look at all the numerous vegan options out there and find one she loves. Vegusto, Daiya, Teez, and many more are on the market, including artisan cheeses for local markets across the US and Europe. We at OCV understand the difficulty of letting go of cheese, but one quick look at the horrors of the dairy industry was enough to make me stop and go the alternative route. Vegan cheese can be tasty and it isn’t part of an industry that exploits animals.

“I went vegan a few months ago. I feel leaner and healthier, but I miss cheese,” she told Us Weekly magazine. “A cheese plate with fruit is my weakness!”

Thumbs up to Goulding for making the switch and being healthy and helping the planet!


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  1. It realistic being that way once your body begins to resent meats you used to eat. I remember i couldn’t even walk passed a mickey d’s with out feeling disgusted when i was doing this

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