SeaWorld’s shame: More attacks on Blackfish

The psychological stress of orcas in captivity is massive.

The psychological stress of orcas in captivity is massive.

It’s clear that the documentary film “Blackfish” is causing a bit of a thorn in theme park SeaWorld’s side as it continues to see losses and boycotts of its facilities after the film detailed how the park takes animals from the wild and confines them at their parks in order to perform. SeaWorld, which has been on the offensive since last year, as we detailed here, and is bringing forth a torrent of postings and repostings on the micro-blogging site Twitter. The latest was simply too much:

“Hear the real SeaWorld story from trainers past and present. Don’t be misled by activist hype,” SeaWorld tweeted again on February 6, with a shocking image to accompany. It showed a woman, supposedly after watching the Academy Award nominated film, saying “One thing I want people to know after watching the film is that it’s not true.”

But the reality is that SeaWorld has lost. It is only a matter of time before their continued cruelty and crimes against nature are to bring down this enterprise. By linking to a document titled “Truth About Blackfish,” SeaWorld believes that by attacking the film as propaganda and “lies” it will help silence the criticism and historical fact brought forth in the film.

Personally, what SeaWorld is attempting to do in its public attacks on the filmmakers is horrific. It is yet another stain on those in positions of power. By calling these documentarians and their production company, CNN – which, last time I checked was a leader in global news gathering – is their attempt at an indictment of the fair practices that the film conducted.

I find it difficult to even contemplate SeaWorld’s almost childish attacks on Blackfish considering nobody from SeaWorld would allow themselves to be interviewed for the film. I believe they didn’t truly understand the reality facing today’s world: proper investigation and filmmaking can bring down large corporations. And that is what SeaWorld is: a corporation based on animal cruelty.

It is time that we all fight back. Get online now and tell SeaWorld “not in our name.” We will continue to fight against their assaults on the filmmakers and urge all concerned citizens who care about the psyche and well-being of living, emotional beings to speak out and end the tragedy that takes place at their theme parks across the country and those they are in close coordination with abroad.

No SeaWorld, you have lost and your teenage rants against a film that could very well win the Best Documentary Feature Film category won’t work. America and the world is smarter. We know cruelty when we see it and it is at SeaWorld.


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  1. Reblogged this on touch of home and commented:
    Wouldn’t that be great to have the whales and dolphins back in their natural habitat and not in a fish bowl?!

  2. I used to think doplhins and orcas thrived in captivety, until I recently found out I was wrong.

    Most orcas in captivity are actually clearly sick! Just look at the way its dorsal fin hangs down to the side. You dont see this on wild orcas.

    I have a theory that beside lesser space to swim for the animals, the company doenst manage to keep the water clean enough too keep the animals healthy. The pool is to big to switch out big amounts of the water regulary, and yet to small for the water to regulate itself naturally.

    And beside of this some of them are given medications that has some very bad side-effect

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