West Australia Government Launches Brutal War on Sharks

Australians band together to protest shark cull.

Australians band together to protest shark cull.

A new law has been passed in West Australia that allows the government to slaughter sharks off its coasts, in what the government says is a measure to ensure the safety of swimmers and beachgoers. Obviously not for the sharks who are being killed in their natural habitat.

Let us not forget the sharks and the negligent violence that the West Australian government is to unleash on vitally important animals for our planet, all in the name of money and tourism. We applaud those in Australia who have taken the initiative and called for an end to the murder. They need to be supported and we are ready to assist in that process.

Protests across the country erupted over the weekend, with the largest gathering of anti-cull protesters in Perth, Western Australia. The concerned citizens called for a halt of the law in order to save sharks from predatory humans.

“My choice to swim, my risk,” read one sign, while another advised people who fear shark attacks to buy a swimming pool.

With tourism already lagging in much of usual getaway hotspots, Australia’s government is taking on this task with vigor, planning to use snare lines and nets around beaches in what has enraged both activists and scientists, both of whom point to the potential biodiversity impacts on Australia’s marine life. Not to mention the cruelty to be inflicted upon the sharks.

According to the New York Times, opponents of the cull policy have consulted lawyers to try and stop the policy. International celebrities have expressed their opinions about the issue.

Australian underwater cinematographer Valerie Taylor called Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett and other officials as “idiots.” Taylor is known for filming sharks with husband Ron Taylor. She shot several scenes for the 1975 blockbuster movie “Jaws” – a story about a great white shark attacking New England swimmers.

That fear persists, but it should be taken with a grain of salt. According to internationally gathered statistics for the past half century, less than 10 attacks on average occur annually globally, but this hasn’t stopped the fear from growing, with thousands upon thousands of sharks from being killed every year.

Sea Shepherd Australia managing director Jeff Hansen said sharks help control the population of other marine animals since they remove the weaker members of the population. Hansen added that if sharks were removed, the number of stingrays will increase which in turn lead to the eradication of scallops.

One species affects the others who are also in the same ecosystem. Let us do our part.


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  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Oh kill the damned sharks. They are dinosaurs. They eat the food in the ocean we want, so kill them.

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  3. our life…, our world…

  4. i cannot believe it.. what a crass act… thanks for bringing it to my attn.. eve

  5. We have to adapt to the world and stop trying to make it adapt to us … it is so much bigger and complex than we can even dream.

  6. Re-reblogging this one. Thank you.

  7. Culling sharks for money and tourism is not very nice. But neither is factory farming millions of animals because we like the taste of meat. Where is the greater suffering? I think the suffering to sharks argument goes out the window because there is far greater suffering for far poorer reasons everywhere around us.


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